How Do Shopify Gift Cards Work Step-by-Step

How Do Shopify Gift Cards Work Step-by-Step

Shopify's gift card feature allows businesses to sell gift cards that customers can use to purchase products or services from their store. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Enable Gift Cards

To use the gift card feature on Shopify, first, you need to enable it in your store's settings. To do this, go to your Shopify admin, click on "Settings," then select "Gift Cards" from the menu. Here, you can enable the feature and configure settings such as the minimum and maximum gift card values and expiration dates.

Step 2: Create Gift Card Products

Once you have enabled the gift card feature, you can create gift card products in your Shopify store. To do this, go to your Shopify admin, click on "Products," and then select "Add product." Create a new product and set the product type to "Gift card."

When creating the gift card product, you can set the price, image, and description. You can also set the denominations that customers can purchase, such as $25, $50, or $100.

Step 3: Customers Purchase Gift Cards

Once you have created gift card products in your store, customers can purchase them like any other product. They can select the denomination they want and add the gift card to their cart. Customers can then complete the checkout process and pay for the gift card like they would any other product.

Step 4: Redeeming Gift Cards

When customers receive the gift card, they can redeem it by entering the gift card code at checkout. The gift card balance will be applied to their order total, and any remaining balance will be saved for future purchases.


Shopify's gift card feature provides businesses with a way to increase sales and attract new customers. By enabling gift cards and creating gift card products, businesses can provide customers with a convenient and flexible gifting option. Additionally, gift cards can help increase customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases, making them a valuable tool for any e-commerce business.

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