I can do lots of things

the creative & technical

I can create e-commerce websites, mock-ups & 3D prototypes, drive traffic, setup & manage fulfillment, automate customer service & everything in between.

figuring things out

If you have been told "you can't do that on Shopify..." we can probably figure out how to do it.

not bothering you

I'll take initiative without bothering you. When I need your input or permission, I'll ask, and if I don't hear back I'll assume you're busy & just get it done.

What Jordan Peterson says about me...

Intellect: I'm in the bottom 23%!

Think of the 10 of the dumbest people from your high school, I'm smarter than 2 of them!

Agreeableness: I'm in the bottom 11%!

You have 10 ideas? I might like one of them. 

Assertiveness: I'm in the top 88%!

I'll say it even when it's not worth saying.

Conscientiousnes: I'm in the bottom 1%!

I am incapable of feeling shame.

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