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CAT 1U0761

CAT 1U0761

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OEM P/N EQB Internal P/N Odoo Internal Ref. Shopify Internal Ref. BLADE POS. PCS. QTY EQUIP. THICK WIDTH LENGTH HOLE QTY BOLT DIAM BLADE TYPE HOLE 1 DIST END HOLE 1 DIST 2 HOLE 2 DIST 3 ROW 1 QTY BOLT LENGTH ROW 2 QTY BOLT 2 LENGTH ROW 2 HOLE 1 DIST END ROW 2 HOLE 1 DIST 2 ROW 2 HOLE 2 DIST 3 LBS Purchase Description BC Sales Description Sales Description SEO Description Shopify BC List Price BC Price Code MFG Country BC Discount % EQB Cost Ea. Tariff % Total Cost w/ Tariff EQB List Price Product Category Unit of Measure EQB Manufacturing Notes Odoo DESCRIPTION FOR RECEIPTS Odoo DESCRIPTION FOR INTERNAL TRANSFERS Odoo DESCRIPTION FOR DELIVERY ORDERS Odoo Income Account Machine Type Machine Make Machine Model Machine Serial Numbers Bucket Tag Info Material EQB Internal Drawing Website Picture Odoo Product Tags Estimated Lead Time Odoo Reordering Min Qty Odoo Bill of Materials Body (HTML) Shopify Published (Shopify) Image Src Shopify Image Alt Text SEO Title
CAT 1U0761 End 2 1.625 22 10.375 3 1.25 DB|| 7.875 3.125 3.125 3 4.125 97.9 BUCKET END 980/988 BUCKET END 980/988 184.14 A CN 0.5 92.07 0.25 115.0875 198.4267241 Loader Edges, Bucket Teeth, Bits & Boards / Rotating, Grader Blades / Carbide Ea., per ft. Product Sales Loader, Dozer, Grader, Skid Steer Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo 950G, 544K, L90 Some on BC website, JD T123456, V 123456 Only useful for Volvo, Cutting Edge# 11111111 Yellow Heat Treated AR, High Carbon, HARDOX 500, Carbide Can an image be included in an excel sheet? Inventory Item, Kit/Package 4 WEEKS, 2 WEEKS, etc. True or False if it's live on the website 62" SKID LOADER BUCKET DOUBLE BEVEL EDGE, EQB 5008176 Then below the SEO Title States OEM Part Number: BOB 6718005
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